Quantum of the Seas a SMART ship

The Quantum of the Seas takes the cruise experience to another level, the likes of which have never been seen before. It ups the ante as far as technology and experience is concerned and its easy to see why
Royal Caribbean International calls Quantum of the Seas a SMART ship

Technology on Quantum of the Seas

Smart Check in

Guests can now expect the smoothest check process ever, with it taking just 10 minutes from ”sidewalk to ship”, with no snaking lines at the cruise terminal or forms to fi ll! Guests can upload their photo IDs at home, and they will be issued digital boarding documents. And they can even track their suitcases on their mobile phones as an RFID device on their suitcase that allows them to know exactly where their bags have reached after dropping off at kerb side on embarking, as well in the reverse on disembarking.

Smart Concierge

On Quantum of the Seas moving around and saving time just gets easier. The guest can opt to wear a simple RFID WOW wristband and navigate through the ship, make on board purchases as also use it as a room key and a whole lot more. Two new app shave been introduced – the Cruise Planner and the Royal IQ. The Cruise Planner allows guests to make their dinner reservation at their favorite restaurants on board or book a spa appointment. One can also reserve their shore excursions through the app. The Royal IQ is the answer to the ships programs, so no more having to refer to the daily cruise Compass newsletter.

Smart Connect

For as great internet experience at sea, Royal Caribbean international has partnered with O3b Networks for satellite based bandwidth, so streaming videos and fast connections are a breeze!

Smart Experience

Technology takes over on Quantum of the Seas! Get ready to have your preferred drink poured out by a robot. Yes, you heard right – a robot! First place your order via a tablet and then watch as a bionic robot mixes your drink. How cool is that? Technology pretty much drives the entertainment on board too. at the Two70 venue, where you get 270° ocean views by dayand 270° giant Roboscreens that provide scintillating entertainment by night.

Smart Service

To provide the best of service to their guests, every crew member will be provided a tablet, where they will be able to track guests’ needs and preferences and take preemptive steps to make sure they are et with regard to information on show times and dining desires amongst others. These are only some of the features that set the Quantum of the Seas apart from other cruise ships for the rest you will have to take a cruise on her!

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