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How to Instagram on a cruise?

What is the best thing about a vacation? Memories, right? And how do you capture these memories? Yes, you got it right – photographs! These photographs are not just frozen frames but an inside-view of your entire world.

And what better place to open this portal but through your social media platforms. And as endless as this list of platform goes, which one is your favorite?Instagram, right? Thanks to the huge number of amazing filters that add an amazing twist to each and every image. And believe it or not, no matter which cruise you choose on www.tirun.com you’ll have a plethora of neverseen-before vistas and experiences to capture.

Here’s a quick guide to help you start:

Grab the eye balls with the cliché’ ticket picture

Get the ball rolling by posting a picture of your cruise ticket – in the backdrop of your booked cruise. This sets the perfect tone for the entire carousel of photos – that are to follow. It is extremely important to upload pictures gradually, to make sure each gets its respective share of views and comments. Also, don’t forget to have a fun-sounding hashtag from the entire trip.

Color, color… and some more color!

Who doesn’t love a splurge of colors in a picture? Make sure to edit your pictures with the right color that captures the essence of the moment. There are a host of filters that can help you capture the beauty around on a cruise. You could use the Mayfair filter to brighten up the dull pictures, Lo-Fi filter to feel high on colors, Inkwell filter to go back to the black and white era or Rise Filter to give a nice yellow tinge your pictures.

Be smart and know where to stop!

Variety is the spice of life. Make sure you capture every sunset or surreal local beauty in the perfect shot without uploading strings of photos. Take the road less traveled by and add a tinge of humor to all that you write along with the image. Make sure you also break the cliché with some breath-taking views and interesting family pictures.

Simplicity is the key

Make sure you capture the main attractions of every cruise you take. These experiences make for a unique place on others’ Instagram wall feed. Experiences like Bionic Bar, Ultimate Abyss, and other exquisite clubs, lounges and restaurants are sure to make for some of the most amazing moments – you have ever put on your Instagram. Keep it real and simple in these pictures, don’t over-use filters and have fun with new backgrounds and poses.

At last, don’t forget to tag us @TirunTravels after you upload these pictures. The special ones get special mentions from us!

We wish you a Happy Happy Cruising!

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