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Heaven is sailing. Where you getting married?

Weddings in India are considered a much bigger celebration than festivals. The expectations, the grandeur and the sheer joy that comes in celebrating two people spending their lives together forever, isn’t done better than Indians. So, if that is the foundation – why not do it in style. You’ve heard of match made in heaven, how about your match is made on the ocean – where heaven is practically sailing

Putting it together:
Since we have already convinced you to have your wedding on a cruise, let’s move on to something that you are thinking about Organization. How crazy would the plan be? Who would be the decorator? Who would be handling the calls for every single detail? How will you personally look into everything? To answer all these questions, Just Cruise. The idea of a cruise wedding is trending because of its ease of organization. And because you want it done smoothly – our professional staff will do everything without any problem. Just make sure to call your extended families, and tell them that parking will not be a problem (as it is a problem, especially during weddings)

Suite up together:
One of the most impending questions of all time is – where are the guests going to stay when they come for the wedding. Luckily for you, we have a whole cruise featuring some of the best state-of-the-art rooms on the planet. Modern, futuristic, trendy, luxurious – you think of the adjective that best describes a room and we have already implemented it. Tirun basically believes in King-Sized Living. For the special family members we even have rooms that go right up to the edge of the sea. It’s shockingly beautiful and immersing – just make sure they attend the wedding and not get lost at the expanse of the sea in the comfort of their beds.

Every function together:
Once on-board the celebrations begin. Every function will have their own dedicated venue. Imagine your wedding card reading – Venue: A cruise surprise. And the best part about all this is – you will be on international waters when this is happening. This bit would be best explained through the pictures – sure it would make you jealous but don’t worry Tirun will make sure to make yours even bigger and better. And once the formal functions are over – the party begins. Our deck boasts a pool that lights up whenever it has people to celebrate with. The unlimited fun between friends and family that comes with celebrating an informal function like this – is unparalleled.

Food that brings everything together:
Food at an Indian wedding is the most important thing, even more than the wedding. So there isn’t any suspense about the variety of food that can be put together. We would have Michelin-starred chefs taking care of every meal, leaving your guests wanting more. Trust us, there will not be a single person who could say anything about the food (at every Indian wedding we have that one person who critic everything).

Why celebrate together with Tirun:
So, the most important thing you should know is that RCI is represented by Tirun in India and are considered stalwarts of the Indian cruise industry. Tirun being an Indian company, we understand every single thing that you would need at your wedding. From decorations for the mehendi to entertainment and party mode for the sangeet – we will be there with every step of the way. Flawless organization, outstanding service and whatever you need to make it the best day of your life

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