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For a cruise of a lifetime, set sail on board a Celebrity ship to your dream destination of Alaska. The very epitome of Modern Luxury, a Celebrity ship is the perfect choice with their light airy spaces, stunning restaurants, luxurious private spaces and even a green lawn on the top deck from where you can view the spectacular scenery around. Sailing through the surreal blue glaciers of Inside Passage to the Russian influenced Sitka, and to Skagway and the capital town of Juneau, your Alaska cruise is a fantastic voyage of discovery.

Alaska Glaciers & Fjords

The Hubbard Glacier is one of the largest tidewater glaciers, stretches 76 miles long and almost 7 miles wide going to a depth of 1200 feet! The amazing thing about this glacier is that it is currently advancing while other glaciers are receding, so in fact reacts in the opposite way to other glaciers.

Inside Passage is the best when it comes to scenic cruising. As your ship glides through the Passage which is rated as one of the best cruising grounds in the world, into view come fjords and your ship sails through the narrow passageway with towering mountains on either side. Watch the whales, see the bald eagles soar up high in the sky, marvel at the rainforests, enjoy the scenic beauty in all its glory, this is the ultimate Alaska that people travel from all over to experience!


The Tracy Arm Fjord (Sawyer Glacier) is flanked on both sides by two dramatic glaciers called North and South Sawyer. The fjord stretches some 25 miles and is spectacular as it is surrounded by two sheer cliff face walls of granite that drop almost 2000 feet into the water. Waterfalls and rivulets cascade down the sides and trees cling on precariously at all angles, the wildlife here includes moose, deer, and the brown bear among others.


Juneau is the capital city of Alaska and is pretty compact. One can easily explore the main attractions by foot as these are concentrated near the cruise docks. Lots of little restaurants in the area and gift shops galore to entice the visitor to buy stuff to take back home.

Ketchikan is known as the Salmon capital of the world, so no wonder then that fishing as a sport is taken very seriously here. This is also the place to see totem poles of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Ketchikan is also the home of the native Tlingit people. Ketchikan is the perfect place to go kayaking and look out for seals, whales, and sea lions sunning themselves.


Skagway bears testimony to the Gold Rush years when prospectors came from far and near looking to find their fortune. Today, it is a historic town, lined with shops and restaurants. Skagway also serves as the gateway to the Chilkoot Trail where adventurers can follow the same path the stampeders of the Gold Rush did!

Cruise Tours

Alaska is as exciting onshore as it is on the ship. So Celebrity Cruises makes sure you get an all round experience of thisfascinating region. These land tours can be taken with your cruise either pre or post your cruise, and take you to an Alaskararely seen by others.

Take off on the dream trip of your life to the Canadian Rockies, to the picture post card perfect Banff and Lake Louise . BanffNational Park is a natural wonderland and the view of the Bow Falls is spectacular as is the surreal turquoise blue of theglacial lakes.

Jasper beckons with its pine forest and wildlife, and a little walk up a glacier is an exhilarating experience.

Alyeska , is a favourite for the outdoor enthusiast. Hikers can follow the Girdwood trail, go kayaking, or also take abreathtaking ride on the Alyeska tramway.

Anchorage is a must see when in Alaska, so do take a trip there. a vibrant city where high rise building juxtapose against the towering peaks in the background. a city where the arts are alive, replete with wonderful museums and cultural sites.

Talkeetna is the gateway to Denali National park, Its a mountaineering town that is known for its idyllic location, many comehere just to climb the majestic Mt McKinley Park. Denali is known for its rolling tundra and abundant forests where the blackbears and moose and caribou roam.

Alaska is a destination to visit at least once in a lifetime, and Celebrity Cruises will show you the best it has to offer!


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