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On-board Shopping: Celebrity Cruises

Shopping onboard is like therapy. It relaxes your mind and saves you a lot of money. Shopping here is the perfect way to treat yourself. From electronics to luxury items, there is something for everyone. Remember after you go back home, everyone will ask you ‘what did you buy for them?’ Here is your opportunity […]

Onboard Activities on Royal Caribbean Cruise

As much as your excitement would be off the charts with the activities onboard, it can be exhausting too. So we have made you a guide that gives you information on everything onboard. If you plan it right, there is no way you wouldn’t be able to relax as well. Spread the activities across the […]

Royal Caribbean Cruises: Tips to typify your Experience

Going on a cruise ship can be exciting beyond words, and that is exactly why we are revealing to you the secrets of the cruise. It’s tipped to be the most informative guide for your adventure onboard the Royal Caribbean Cruises. 1. Bring Walkie-Talkies: When in a group, coordination is absolute key. But cellphones don’t […]

Cruise Booking Demystified

There are some questions that will be constantly running in your head when you have decided to take a holiday. Maybe this is your first time cruising and you have queries, or you are a frequent traveler, but have some doubts. We have compiled a few questions to give you an idea of the details […]

Equal membership across the sea

As a benefit of Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club membership in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society, you will receive equivalent recognition in Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club and Azamara Club Cruises’ Le Club Voyage. Now that is your all access pass into the seas. Loos like Poseidon (sea god) might be a […]

Everything You Can’t Carry on Cruise.

We know that you know. But we have to know, that you know for sure. So, this is an article for you to definitely know the things you can’t carry onboard a cruise ship. Ammunition and Firearms are a strict no, not even realistic replicas – because it’s something you are not allowed to carry […]

Top 5 Cruising Hacks for a better cruising experience

Every time you cruise, you are likely to become a better cruiser. You grasp some quick on-the journey hacks from the fellow travelers and they are good to go for every subsequent journey. However, if you are a first time cruiser, it’s very normal to miss out on some stellar hacks. So, here are a […]

7 Ways To Pick The Stateroom Of Your Choice

Yes, yes you’ve come a long way into the booking journey. You’ve decided on the cruising destination, picked up the perfect itinerary and you are a step away from booking that cruise you’ve always wanted to be on. But there is a hitch! What stateroom should you book among the hundreds that the cruise ship […]

How To Book A Cruise?

There are no two ways about the fact that planning a vacation can be too time consuming and troublesome, thanks to the prevalence of umpteenth options and the never ending list of things that one needs to plan. And that is the best thing about a cruise, minimal planning and the easy booking process make […]

10 Reasons Why There Is Never A Dull Moment On A Cruise

Who doesn’t love all that glam and jazz, specifically on a vacation?In fact a vacation is all about grabbing some bright and light moments to rejuvenate and relax. So, just in case you think that a cruise is too calm and boring a place to be in, you must continue reading ahead. 1) Beautiful sights […]

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