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9 reasons why you should cruise in 2023

Elaborate international travel plans involve pulling your luggage from one city to the other, taking multiple ights or buses or packing and unpacking every night! Think of a holiday that works out all the logistics and leaves you with nothing but pure bliss. A cruise is not just a vacation – it’s a true holiday experience. We’ve put down a couple of reasons, that’s going to seriously change your traditional way of taking holidays

1. Easy on the pocket – not the experience

One price buys you everything – from a quite dining in the cabin to ne dining, a plethora of adventure activities, shopping, gym, live performances, shore excursions and so much more. You’d probably end up spending a lot more if you had to do all of this, let alone the trouble planning these things alongside a vacation. A cruise experience takes care of your everyday accommodation, takes you to a new beautiful place every day and while you’re travelling aboard the ship – you are entertained and pampered every minute.

2. Get the best of both the worlds – the magnificent seas and land rich experience

Only a cruise gives you the opportunity to wake up to a new destination every day. Port cities are the most beautiful and alluring destinations in the world. A cruise will take you to a new one every day and while you sail from one port to the other, you get to experience the magnicence of the seas. The cruise usually docks in the morning and gives you ample time throughout the day to explore the city, experience local culture and cuisines, meet local people and discover new places. The cruise ship sets sail again in the evening as you board the ship in the evening to head to a new destination.

3. Action Packed- every minute, every day

A cruise allows you to dip your toe into a plethora of onboard activities. You get to dive headrst into the adrenaline rush of the water slides. Cruising is also a paradise for all the shopaholics out there. You may plan to spend your evening with shopping bags at the bar while being immersed in a beautiful ocean view or just relax at the Spa to rejuvenate yourself. There is so much to add to your excitement levels when it comes to cruising. There is no chance that you could get bored.

4. Hassle-free vacation

When we are on a vacation, we have the hardest time resting, we are busy managing and aligning activities that we would want on a holiday. But cruise packages provides accommodation, transportation, and great food together- so that your vacation isn’t a logistical nightmare. Isn’t it exciting that you pack and unpack just once for multiple destinations covered in your vacation? No time is wasted in travelling, you could enjoy all activities on the go, till you reach your next destination. Cruising makes all this so much easier. Once the plan is booked it’s time for you to experience magic.

5. Design your vacation the way you want!

Choose the theme and the style of the way you holiday. You get to enjoy the liberty to design your own customized holiday plan. From luxury cruises to holiday cruises and senior cruises, the offerings are plenty. The various themes also include family cruises, tness cruises, romantic cruises and a lot more. Cruising has revolutionized the way you experience different locations in a limited bracket of time.

6. One cruise: Multiple Destinations

Cruising is the most cost effective way if you are planning to visit multiple destinations without having to deal with the hassles of a ight. Just sail from one city to the other while you have fun on the ship with endless activities. When the ship docks, you could explore the different location and experience the culture that prevails. Mariner of the Seas is one of the ships that takes you to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia and Penang-Malaysia in just 3 nights.

7. A delightful experience for your taste buds

Who doesn’t love food? – Especially while travelling! But planning your food itinerary maybe a tedious task while on a vacation. A cruise offers all cuisines from Indian to Chinese to Korean-from Dal Makhni to Japchae, you name it and the cruise offers it all. Cruise give you the option to eat at the buffet or their dining room or you may plan to enjoy a romantic dinner poolside with your loved one. Put an end to your wait and let your taste buds experience the exotic ingredients this vacation.

8. You deserve to be pampered!

A world of luxurious amenities with access to private lounges, exclusive dining and premium benets are just a few aspects to talk about. A cruise vacation can be about pampering yourself and staying relaxed, away from the daily rut of your life. You get first class, 24-hour service by all cruise providers, regardless of your budget. The servicing that is provided is accurate and courteous. You deserve to be treated a certain way, that way is what cruises provide.

9. Do it because you have never done this before!

Enjoy yourself in a multitude of ways that you may not have experienced till date. Experiment this holiday season and rejoice the memories for a lifetime. You are truly missing out on something if you have never been on a cruise. The ships have everything literally everything! Satisfy your soul on a cruise. Now that you have a list of reasons to cruise this vacation season, we have specially designed packages for our Indian guests.

Simply put, with 272 different destinations covered during its sailings, start planning your Cruise trip with TIRUN now!


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