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7 Ways To Pick The Stateroom Of Your Choice

Yes, yes you’ve come a long way into the booking journey. You’ve decided on the cruising destination, picked up the perfect itinerary and you are a step away from booking that cruise you’ve always wanted to be on. But there is a hitch! What stateroom should you book among the hundreds that the cruise ship has to offer. What deck should it be on? Should it have a Balcony? Well, there is never going to be an absolute right or wrong answer to this, however a deep dive into your personality and preferences, can certainly get you sorted..

1) Stellar views are all you want

Cabins at the front or rear of the ship are the best, just in case you are always on the look-out for spectacular views and they brighten up your day like nothing else. This is because you can make the most of the never ending stretches of water gracing the ship’s front or greeting the ship’s rear. However, what will steal the show are the views your eyes shall be set to as you approach a shore. Features such as the virtual balconies which have a high definition screen that spans nearly from the floor to the ceiling, providing real-time views of the oceans and destinations, make sure you don’t miss out on any spectacle worth capturing in your head.

2) Say bye To Motion Sickness

Some cruisers experience a bit of the motion sickness when they are on-board. This is so because the movement of the water affects them depending on their proximity to the edges of the ship, the most when they are at the front of the ship. This is so because the waves strike the front first and rebounds it upwards. This, of course, also depends on how rough the water is. The higher the deck they are on, the more they feel the buoyancy, the up and down motion of the ship causing or enhancing the sickness for you. The motions aren’t felt much if they are in the rear of the ship, except when the seas are rough. So, in case you want to avoid or mitigate that motion sickness which never leaves you on your vacations, choose a room in the middle of the ship, as low as possible and you can happily make the most of every moment on-board.

3) Hey Light Sleepers

A lot of us get our sleep easily interrupted by the slightest of sounds. And no one can deny the importance of a good sleep in making or breaking your vacation. If this is so, then you must avoid taking a room near the noisy and busy areas of the ship. It’s a big no-no! Cabins below the pool, the casino, buffet area, night club, laundry area or the theater have a lot of sound that would stop you grabbing a good night’s sleep. Also avoid cabins in the immediate front of the ship, specifically those that are placed a little lower, all because of the generators and the anchor. The hack for you in this case could be a room right in the middle of other passenger cabins, leaving enough room for any sort of noise to buffer.

4) Satiate your penchant for large balconies

The bow (back) of the ship has a string of rooms with the largest balconies, since these are generally located at the corner of the ships with wraparound balconies, leaving enough space for a fancy sitting. These are also called “Hump” Cabins, thanks to their curvy outline and their location (the place where the ship progresses from a narrower to wider width.) Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises are your go-to for some amazing “Hump” Cabins.

5) For the love of water

In case you are a water baby and the pools, slides and solariums are the greatest attraction for you on-board a ship, then it’ll be a great idea to get a cabin on the same deck as the pool or get it one deck below the pool, so that you can just get out and splash in the pool! You can also choose a cabin located close to the water line. The very voice of the splish-splash against your balcony or porthole window, is going to make you more excited to be on-board.

6) For the love of rejuvenating and relaxing at the Spa

There are no two ways about the unique settings and relaxing spa sessions in the heated loungers that await the aficionados on-board a cruise. In case you are one of those who bask in the rejuvenation of such spas, then you’d want a room near-by so that you don’t have to parade across the ship in your robe and slippers smelling of jasmine oil and what not! Go in for the same decks as the spas or choose a room that is one or two decks away.

7) Spanning minimum walking distances for the mobility impaired

The number of people on a cruise make it difficult for the impaired to commute. You obviously can’t cut through the clutter but can definitely be smart enough to choose a room that minimizes the commuting distance and that doesn’t exactly fall on the way to a popular spot on the cruise. You can also try and get a room near the elevator to make sure the distance between the cabin door and lift is the minimum.

Now that you know how to fit the right room in the itinerary that you have selected, it’s time to say hello to an amazing vacation!

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