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4 Reasons Why Alaska Should Be On Your 2018 Cruising List

Infinite landscapes, the blue sky, dense rainforests, grand glaciers, undulating mountains and a vast wilderness with some of the most magnificent animals ever seen counts as the sight you’ll see in the land of contrasts, Alaska.

Rugged and beautiful, here’s why you should put this high up on your bucket list this year to breathe adventure and fun in
every moment of your vacation.

1) Thousands of glaciers

With more than 1,00,000 glaciers in its ambit, Alaska is the perfect country for a magical winter. You can see the best of these glaciers at the Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve Boats and admire Alaska’s glacial rivers created by meltwater flowing down the mountains and into the ocean. But what’ll be one of the most memorable travel moments, will be watching the glaciers calve and hear the thundering sound accompany them as they break off. What an incredible sight that is! And this is why, Alaska’s wilderness, heads our list of the reasons why Alaska should top your travel list this year.

2) The Untamed Wildlife

Watching the magnificent bald eagles fly overhead, seals and sea lions in the water and spotting bears and whales from a distance can be quite the wildlife spotting you’ve been looking for. You’ll be taken to some prime fishing locations where you can see hundreds of harbor seals basking on the icebergs around you, and any number of puffins, cormorants, sea otters or dall’s porpoises. You may also see dozens of otters, floating in the open waters, or hundreds of shore birds swirling above their rookeries, with their carefully crafted nests tucked among the rocks. Don’t miss out on looking out of your vehicle at the Denali Park Road to grab a look at wolves, moose, grizzly bears, Dall sheep, and caribou.

3) Land of adventure

Adventure and Alaska are synonymous. Go hike an ice-age glacier, skim over the wilderness in a bush plane, watch a massive brown bear snag a salmon from a waterfall, explore the pristine parklands, book a sport fishing tour and battle a mighty king salmon for your dinner plate, go zip linin, sledging on those ferocious snow dogs, watch Old Alaska from a 360 degree glass train or follow a guided kayak tour through Alaska’s crystal clean waters. It’s time to experience some adrenaline rush in the mesmerizing wilderness. So, if adventure is what you crave for on a vacation, you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on any of these.

4) Beauty in Diversity

Alaska has a rich and varied history that includes the Native Indians, Russian fur traders and gold miners. Some unique museums and cultural heritage centers are present in Alaska and you surely shouldn’t miss out on those. Ketchikan has the world’s largest totem pole collection with several parks to see these unique hand carvings. Sitka was Russia’s major Pacific port for over 60 years and where the USA acquired it from the Russians. There are still Russian influences and historic buildings here. Also, Alaskans are known for their warm and friendly welcomes and their extraordinary story narration. How about listening to their stories over a cup of coffee?

It is the promise of adventure that draws everyone closer to the spirit of Alaska only to have them walk through the arduous journey of exploring the untamed Alaska and redefine adventure like never before. What are you waiting for? Get yourself an adventure in Alaska now by logging onto – https://tirun.com

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