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10 Reasons Why There Is Never A Dull Moment On A Cruise

Who doesn’t love all that glam and jazz, specifically on a vacation?In fact a vacation is all about grabbing some bright and light moments to rejuvenate and relax. So, just in case you think that a cruise is too calm and boring a place to be in, you must continue reading ahead.

1) Beautiful sights await you

You would completely agree with us when we would say that every destination a cruise would go to, has a charm of its own. Be it the rich culture of Hong Kong, the sky high buildings of Abu Dhabi or the historical monuments all around Europe, or the beautiful Alaksa, Baltic and Mediterranean, each place has something so special about it that calls out for you. And what about travelling to such places on-board a cruise, can that be dull? Absolutely not! In fact the journey is even more beautiful than the destination, thanks to the spectacles travelling by air or land would never make you witness. That is why it’s often said, once a cruiser always a cruiser.

2) Awaken the kid in you

We know the title reminds you of your childhood, so does a cruise! Getting on-board can help you awaken the kid in you, participating in activities, you wouldn’t normally do. How about the iFly or the massive slide on-board massive ships, or enjoying in the Flow Rider. Yes! Ships such as the Harmony Of The Seas have all this and much more. To add to that, they have a string of events for kids such as the Dreamworks Character Parade or the chance to dine with some of the Dreamworks characters. Dull moment? No chance at all!

3) Try your luck or learn something new

With activities such as Culinary Classes, Beading sessions and casinos on select cruises, ships host a variety of activities for kids to elderly people alike. It’s the perfect place to be in for a family as well as for someone who wants his space and wants to enjoy a private time. You can bask in the sun in the Solariums, take a dip in the pool or try your luck at the casino. So, I’ll ask you again, a dull moment?

4) Eat all you want

What makes a good day even better? Delicious Food. Doesn’t it? And if this is the case, then there isn’t a better place to be in. Cruising on-board a ship gives you the opportunity to sooth your taste buds all because most of them have more than 15 bars, restaurants and lounges such as Giovanni’s, Wonderland, and many more, spread across different decks open at different times during the day. The meals included in the package shall differ from ship to ship. You can try out some amazing dishes of your favorite cuisine made by highly experienced chefs. Good food and a dull moment, so they really go together?

5) Relish the relaxing sessions

Enjoy the morning yoga sessions on cruise lines such as the Azamara Club Cruises or visit the spa and drive all your fatigue away. Massages at branches of some of the best spas in US, such as the Canyon Ranch Spa Club, Vitality spa sooth your senses, relax your body and fulfil the main objective of a vacation- rejuvenation. What more does one need? Its an escape from the hustle and bustle meant to pump you up for the all the work and enjoyment that come ahead. Don’t you think, its sometimes important to enjoy something calm and quiet, but don’t forget, its not the same as dull!

6) The right place to shop

Is a vacation really anything without those shopping bags? Bring home some amazing merchandise from cruise lines and flaunt them wherever you go. Certain ships also have shopping arcades with stores of brands such as Coach, buy limited edition jewelry and clothes. Making the most of the shopping therapy on the ship will make sure a dull moment is not around the corner. Or even better, look out for sales on the ship and grab something amazing at an amazing price. Yay!

7) Visiting places you normally wouldn’t

Shore-excursions to places you normally wouldn’t explore. Oh yes! Dropping you off to places such as Madeira or Canary Islands in Europe or the Glaciers in the Alaska, cruises make sure you take a sip of things you normally wouldn’t do. A dull moment during the shore excursions, a big no no!

What do you think about packing and unpacking before and after a vacation? Troublesome, ain’t it? There is never going to be a dull moment on a cruise because you pack and unpack once. Say Goodbye to irritation and have all the fun you want. So, is that anything that’d make your vacation dull?

8) People from varied backgrounds on-board

A vacation is all the more people who have the right people with you, right? The best thing about a cruise is the chance to meet new people and have fun their way. Sounds fun, right? They make sure you don’t experience any boredom at all. Also, just in case you are a solo traveler, Azamara Club Cruises’s Meet and Mingle Parties, make sure you take back more than just a happy vacation.

9) Dance and Sing Along

With amazing theatre spaces, cruises give you the chance to view the some amazing broadway shows and band performances such as the Greases, Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You, Cats and Mamma Mia. These leave no stone unturned in making you go gaga over the amazing spaces and the even better performances.

10) All the thrill you seek

RCI’S Quantum Class ships have amenities such as SkyDiving, the North Star, the Abyssal Plunge, that are set to up the thrill quotient on a cruise. This is exactly why, a cruise is the best place to be in.

It’s the home to everything one would want to do on a vacation, right from fascinating accommodation to pools and solariums.

After all this, do you really think there could be a dull moment on a ship?

If the answer is no, a vacation might just be around the corner.

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