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10 distinct personalities you run into while on a cruise vacation!

Are you planning to cruise to your dream destination this year? Are you already excited about the things you’re going to do and the people you’re going to meet on-board? Having organised luxury cruises for a while now, here’s our take on ten types of people you are most likely to bump into during your cruise trip:

1. The Baggage Family:

As you check into the cruise with your limited belongings, you turn around to see a family with loads of baggage and a lady leading her large, rambunctious pack (a strange resemblance to duck and ducklings)! No… no… you don’t need to panic – you’re not underprepared! The baggage family has simply come equipped for every contingency that might occur on the cruise. Their massive bags hold matching outfits for every occasion, documents that aren’t even required, their own medical kits (made redundant by the best-in- class medical services available on-board), and maybe even their own personal doctor or two! They are so well prepared for anything that your journey may throw your way, that this one family you definitely want to befriend!

2. The Know-it-alls:

The captain briefs you, and then there is a spontaneous reply from an individual. The statement starts with a “…but” or “So…”, and then he/she asks something completely obvious (Stop! Please, stop! You already know the answer). There they are! Just remember those faces and you will be seeing them dancing their heart out during the ball or offering you suggestions you may not have asked for as you undertake your favourite adventure sport!

3. The Flaunters:

“Dear, could you just hand me over my Louis Vuitton bag?” and “My, oh, my, I just can’t take this odour, where’s my Chanel perfume?” come flying around where you’re around them. Not so tough to locate though, just make your ears sensitive to popular brands and an elite rhetoric and bingo! You have them spotted.

4. The Honeymooners:

…and then you see a pair sitting on the main deck, completely lost into each other. They talk softly and slowly, and often smile while indulging in that romantic game of feeding their partners with their own hands. “Awww,” you say, as you see these honeymooners looking starry-eyed. You have a gut feeling that they are going to stand up and give that Titanic pose soon, and voila… they have already taken position!

5. The Mischievous Brats:

Ever watched “Dennis the Menace” or “Home Alone”? Yes, you get exactly what we are talking about. Running all around the deck with their inexhaustible energy, these little mischievous elements are so well-behaved when they are down in the Main Dining Hall, it befuddles you completely. “Give up your façade!” you want to yell. But, kids, will be… well kids.

6. The Human Loudspeakers:

Some people make you wish even humans had a volume knob. They can be heard talking at the mid-ship through the stern with their high-pitched voices and overpowered lungs. And then there comes a shriek of laughter, “Are my ears bleeding?”

7. The Crewmembers:

It will be a little too rude if you ignore the most important and integral part of the cruise, the crewmembers. Working tirelessly while everyone else is having fun… Kudos to them for never letting that smile go off their faces even as you approach them with constant requests and questions.

8. The Throwbacks:

Oh… you can’t miss them. Easily spotted at the bar, clubs, slides, and pool areas, these people just love exuding the retro vibe wherever they go. From the way they dress, to how they eat and what their favourite activities are, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back into the 1920s every time you interact with them!

9. The Wolf Pack:

How can you miss the wildest party-seeking animals on-board? These frivolous elements on the ship will be seen in packs and will be up for anything that’s fun. One tricks another to open the door, as the prank is already in order. Gotcha!

10. The Elderly People:

Now this is fun (that’s why we saved it for later). They will talk to you at length and will love to share heart-warming details with you about their lives, families and their love for cruising. There’s no better way to spend time on your holiday than to sip a tasty drink and let them regale you with your tales that you’d never be able to relish otherwise!

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